Oxford Coma play {9} The Gallery for Art Detour

Lonesome Leash

As people meandered along Grand Avenue enjoying in the Art Detour celebrations, a band tucked away in a display window blasted a small audience at a quaint gallery Sunday.

{9} The Gallery owner Laura Dragon asked Oxford Coma, a Phoenix alternative rock grunge and punk band, to perform just 4 days prior to Sunday’s free concert.

The band, consisting of lead guitar and vocals Billy Tegethoff, drummer Anthony Chamberlain and bassist James Williams, has a Nirvana and System of the Down quality.

Oxford Coma had a nice repertoire of beats and guitar riffs, but the vocals seemed to follow the same pattern for practically every song.

Sporting facial hair and casual cloths per the punk style, the event was low-key and the band decided part of the set list on the go.

Without an opening band, Oxford Coma began the performance playing to only a handful of people.

The audience consisted of Art Detour passersby and family. In between songs, audience members would observe the art from the 3 Cabrones exhibit. Other people would peep in for a song or two then head on their way.

Although the gallery provided an intimate experience with the band, the small room only amplified the already loud music resulting in a full-fledged assault on the audience’s eardrums. Tegethoff joked at the end that they would stop to give everyone’s ears a rest.

Throughout the performance, Tegethoff struggled with mic feedback, an unsurprising drawback of performing a rock concert in a small art gallery.

Photo by Danika Worthington/DD

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