Phoenix bands carry the night

Despite the cancellation of the evening’s headlining band, two local groups delivered a lively performance to a handful of attendants at The Trunk Space on Wednesday.

The Phoenix-based Former Friends of Young Americans and Green Line Operator carried the evening with positivity and a dose of humor, even though psychedelic indie group Matthew and the Arrogant Sea had called off their stop in the city earlier that day.

Former Friends of Young Americans kicked off the night with its relaxed set, featuring mellow synthesizers, looped guitar rhythms, a cymbal and a drum. The Phoenix duo mixed lyrics all about the longing for love and romantic completion with layered finger picking and heavy distortion to create an ambient cloud of echoes that filled the room. Alternating crooning guitars with punchy strumming, the group delivered a performance rich in groovy lullabies.

Green Line Operator

Up next came the closing band, Green Line Operator. The three-piece band delivered supremely honest ballads in a skate-punk-meets-Gin-Blossoms-meets-Morrissey fashion. Enthusiastic guitar and drums combined with a heavy bassline to tell stories about nearly everything: Nyquil, hospitals, aliens, love and murder. The most attention-grabbing segment of the band’s set was during one of the last songs, called “Changing Places” in which all three of the band members literally did just that. The front man took the drums, the drummer played bass and bassist took up the guitar; after delivering a song full of duplicated shenanigans, they all swapped back to their respective instruments to play one more song.

Although the turnout was fewer than 15 people, including band members in the tally, Former Friends of Young Americans and Green Line Operator gave a lively performance filled with energetic humor, and succeeded in delivering another night of Phoenix-grown music at The Trunk Space.

Photos by Katie-Lee Faulkner/DD