Launched in October 2012, METROnome is the product of a love for writing, a thirst for knowledge about Phoenix’s nooks and crannies and a passion for the music that brings people of all creeds and colors together. METROnome takes a snapshot of Phoenix’s musical scene at the time while delving into the minds of the musicians, the spirits of the listeners and the characteristics of the listening environment provided by this great city. The blog highlights everything music-related that one can find in Phoenix — whether it’s the shows at small venues, record release parties, new local music, artist and record store profiles or backyard concerts, nothing will go unnoticed. The writers at METROnome invite you to go to the venues, jump into the mosh pits and give music of all sorts the attention it deserves.

From left to right: Brandon Kutzler, Jayson Chesler and Miguel Otárola. (Chloe Brooks/DD)

Brandon Kutzler is a sophomore at the Walter Cronkite School. He was born and raised in Georgia, then lived in Nairobi, Kenya, for five years before settling in the San Francisco area. He began playing jazz guitar in high school and started collecting records around the same time, something that has since spiraled into an incurable obsession. An editor for Wikipedia in his spare time, he has been a primary contributor to the articles for OK Computer, Spiderland, Loveless and others. A smattering of his favorite artists includes Radiohead, The Beatles, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Bach, Arnold Schoenberg and Lil B. He looks forward to covering the downtown scene and championing worthwhile musicians in Phoenix.

Jayson Chesler is a freshman at the Walter Cronkite School who hopes to one day host his own radio show. After years of forum reading and anonymous ranting, Jayson is excited to upgrade his title to that of a legitimate music blogger. He has always been interested in staying connected with local bands through his favorite local venues and looks forward to furthering his knowledge of the downtown Phoenix music scene. Jayson describes his music taste as “anything in which you could picture any member of the band wearing a beanie some of the time.” While his favorite subgenres are the experimental electronic sounds of no-wave and freak folk, bands from the Phoenix area hold a special place in his heart regardless of genre. To him, the purpose of METROnome is simple: “Downtown music blogs needed life, so I put my heart in it.”

Miguel Otarola is a journalism freshman with a passion for music. Born in Chile, he moved to Tucson, Ariz., in 2002, where he lived until he began his studies at ASU. Miguel has been involved in music throughout much of his life, playing bass in several jazz combos around Tucson. He is always looking for genre-defying musicians, and is fascinated by thought-provoking material in the field of electronica, rap, R&B and all things loud and (mostly) indie. Miguel is honored to cover shows for the Downtown Devil, as he believes the concert environment is extremely interesting and unique. Through this experience, he hopes to become knowledgeable about the vibrant local music scene in Arizona.

Connor Descheemaker is a sophomore Urban and Metropolitan Studies student in the College of Public Programs. Since 2004, with the encouragement and support of his family, he has been attending shows in and around Phoenix, witnessing the rise and fall of such venues as Modified Arts, onePlace, the PHiX, The Brickhouse, The Real Bar and Neckbeard’s Soda Bar. Born and raised in Tempe, Connor was drawn to the downtown Phoenix scene in 2006, and has been nearly-obsessively keeping tabs ever since. His extensive record and CD collections communicate an interest in a wide array of music, inclusive of afrobeat, hip-hop, punk, folk, avant-garde classical and his first true love, ska. Connor sees the downtown scene as a true community, and he hopes to communicate as much through his work.